Denis Schroeter

Lawyers and Notaries


Denis Schroeter

Law Degree University of Fribourg (1987)


Master of Law University of Tübigen, Germany (1993)


Bar Exam in Fribourg (1994)


Legal counsel of a major bank (1994)


Associate in a law firm in Fribourg (1995-1999)

Independent attorney-at-law (since 1999)


Senior Partner at Hartmann Dreyer (since 2010)


Member of the Swiss Bar Association, Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the Fribourg Bar Association and associate member of the Bar Commission


Member of the Rotary Club (Châtel-St-Denis) and Senator of the Young Economic Chamber.


Litigation in French. He advises private persons, companies and public communities

Tel. + 41 26 309 20 75

Secondary office in Châtel-St-Denis:
Rte de la Coula 81 (Post)

Tel. + 41 21 948 09 90