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The Law Firm Hartmann Dreyer...

In its present structure, Hartmann Dreyer has been providing legal services for 35 years to business companies, to those who create them, manage them, develop them, and who find solutions to lead them to success through crises and challenges.


Our law firm also provides legal services to individuals in all the fields where they need to be advised and assisted in their decisions, actions and reactions, but also at times when their private or professional lives evolve, when they must assert their rights and when they plan personal or professional transfer of assets.


Each matter is handled under the responsibility of one partner who ensures its good performance by calling if necessary upon his colleagues considering the qualification or experience required by a specific matter.


Throughout these years, these legal services have been provided by lawyers and notaries with complementary experience and expertise who come from different horizons and who are able to work efficiently in several languages. A wide network of professional relations and correspondent law firms is another asset which enables Hartmann Dreyer to handle mandates swiftly and efficiently.


The clients show their fidelity to a loyal and competent team which aims for excellency and applies rigorous ethics in its work.




The origins of our firm go back to 1827 when Jean-Theobald Hartmann obtained his Notary Certificate. He was also Mayor of Fribourg. His nephew Romain-Charles Hartmann (1865-1921) continued the firm in the tradition of expertise, while also holding the position of Head of Office of the Cantonal Department of Justice.


The firm was then held by Henri Hartmann (1901–1963), father of the two present partners Jean-Ludovic and Charles-Antoine Hartmann.


For two centuries, the Dreyer and Hartmann families have been related by family and marriage links.



The Law Firm today

Legal advice and services for business entities are the core of Hartmann Dreyer’s activity. Our lawyers and notaries assist companies at all stages of their activities : since their incorporation, during expansion or through difficulties until the transfer or winding down of the company.


Reorganized in 1979 into its present structure, Hartmann Dreyer provides services in French, German and English. Several lawyers of the firm have written books or articles on legal current events.


Our law firm has a wide network of professional correspondents in Switzerland and in other countries.

The lawyers and notaries of Hartmann Dreyer enable their clients to integrate the law as a tool of anticipation and of decision by creating legal instruments adapted to the client’s needs. Each member of the law firm brings his/her competence and reliability based on an excellent training and on rules of professional conduct protecting the clients’ interests.

  1. The lawyers and notaries of Hartmann Dreyer: privilege clear and positive relations with the clients so as to establish a durable trustful relationship;
  2. advise and constantly bear in mind the concern to preserve the rights and interests of the clients;
  3. are the legal confidents of the clients, and base their advice on a rigorous code of professional conduct;
  4. deal with the clients’ questions and preoccupations efficiently, competently and diligently;
  5. charge reasonable fees;
  6. submit entirely to the code of conduct of the profession, as it is an irreplaceable guarantee for the clients.

Independence of the Lawyer

The advice provided is never guided by a personal interest or by an external pressure.


Information entrusted as a secret or a confidence shall never be revealed.



Exchanges of arguments and of information with other law firms are carried out with the aim of leading fruitful negotiations.


Conflict of Interest

No lawyer may advise or defend a party whose interests could become opposed to those of a client already represented by the law firm.


The Rights of the Client

  • courteous and respectful treatment
  • competent and diligent services
  • independent professional advice (no conflict of interests)
  • reasonable fees and expenses
  • efficient handling of questions and preoccupations of the client
  • regular information on the development of the matter
  • respect of client’s legitimate objectives
  • absolute discretion
  • high professional ethics.