Pierre Moret

Pierre Moret


Pierre Moret

Boulevard de Pérolles 7
P.O. Box
CH-1701 Fribourg
Tel. + 41 26 309 20 61
Fax +41 26 323 23 66



  • MLaw (University of Fribourg)
  • Bar Examination (Fribourg)
  • Business economist HEG (Fribourg)


  • Airline pilot
  • Business analyst (luxury group watchmaking department)
  • Sectoral supply chain manager (pharmaceutical industry)
  • Clerk of the District Court of Gruyère
  • Clerk of the Justice of the Peace of the Gruyère District

Main areas of focus

  • Advice to individuals, businesses and public authorities
  • Civil Law (protection of personality, filiation, real rights, neighbourhood law, and others)
  • Contract Law (in particular relating to leasing, employment, business, mandate)
  • Civil Liability Law
  • Corporate Law (SA, Sàrl, Scoop)
  • Administrative Law (including land use planning)
  • Construction Law (including legal mortgages for craftsmen and contractors)
  • Criminal Law


French, English