Do a check-up for your company


  • Companies could avoid lawsuits.
  • They often consult us too late, when the dispute has already broken out.
  • Prevention is better than cure !


  • Evaluate your company’s weak points during a check-up.
  • Problems are often easy to solve.
  • Sometimes it takes longer to find a solution. The decision is yours.
  • The points we check : employment contracts, basic contracts with customers or suppliers, lease contracts, etc.


  • We are a reputable law firm with 40 years of experience.
  • Our firm is bilingual.
  • It is multidisciplinary. For the check-up of your company, we form a powerful team.
  • We offer you a clear budget or a fixed price.
  • We ensure the follow-up.

List of documents to be sent to us

  • Deed of foundation / articles of association
  • Lease agreement for business premises
  • Main active contracts: suppliers and customers
  • Personnel status: employment contracts / company regulations
  • Commercial contracts offered to customers and/or GTC
  • Various contracts concluded with third parties (loans, mandates, etc.)
  • IT contracts
  • Possibly licence, brand, design contracts
  • Statements of open claims / legal proceedings
  • Ordinary accounting statements (balance sheet + PP year n-1)

Check-up rules

  1. The “check up company” is a contract between [the client], hereinafter referred to as “the client”, and one or other of the partners of Hartmann & Dreyer Attorneys at Law and Notaries, hereinafter referred to as “the attorney”.
  2. The lawyer will examine the documents requested and received from the client and will provide the client with a legal analysis of their content (check-up). 
  3. The Lawyer will spend 4 hours working on this analysis, for a fixed price of CHF 500.00 (excluding VAT). 
  4. The Lawyer is subject to the rules governing his profession, in particular professional secrecy, for this analysis.

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